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Virtual Solutions

Proof of Concept, Design and Process
Automation fits some parts and processes perfectly. It doesn’t work for every process. That’s why simulation and offline programming play such an important role in ensuring that adoption of robotic automation delivers all you want it to.

Genesis Virtual Solutions Center works to identify:

  • Robotic reach issues
  • Robot size requirements
  • Equipment positioning
  • Weld torch configuration and access requirements
  • Weld paths and torch types
  • Fixture clearances
  • Transporter requirements for moving a robot
  • Part & process variation simulation
  • Robot sequencing
  • Part flow
  • Process verification

Genesis can then use this information to finalize the programming of your systems and workcells while your system is built. Calibration tools ensure that the Offline Programming is as close as possible to your real-world needs so your automated welding system can be deployed rapidly.

Genesis Virtual Solutions Center offers:

  • 3D Simulation
  • 3D Printing – production and prototyping
  • 3D Immersive Virtual Environment
  • Offline programming and simulation
  • Reach studies
  • Workcell and work flow layout
  • Weld Distortion Analysis
  • Variation Simulation Analysis