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Thin Gauge Arc Welding

Meeting the Needs of the Sheet Metal Industry
Does your product depend on thin gauge welding? We have welding systems that are tailored to the thin gauge arc welding your products depend on. From ATV’s and exercise equipment, to turf care and enclosures, to appliances and HVAC, you face welding challenges that are different from those companies welding heavy plate.

Our high speed thin gauge systems offer you multiple thin gauge arc welding choices.

  • Cold Metal Transfer (CMT) delivers spatter-free MIG/MAG robot welding and brazing, even when sheets are an ultra-light 0.3 mm (0.012″) thick.
  • Surface Tension Transfer (STT) is a welding technology patented by Lincoln Electric Co. It marries the best qualities of Short Arc and TIG welding processes. STT controls the current precisely so thin guage welds are high quality without spatter.
  • Regulated Metal Depostion (RMDTM) is a cool wire welding technology from Miller Electric. It’s a software-driven welding process that reduces burn-through and warping.
  • Active Wire Feed Process (AWP) – Realize low spatter welding by precisely controlling wire feed speed. AWP is an advanced process combining waveform control and wire feed control technology together enabling limited spatter generation.

We’ll work with you to develop a system or complementary systems that allow you to develop next generation part designs and tailored welding processes. We’ll help you set up the fixtures that enhance automation of production using out-of-the-box parts that give you flexibility.