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Laser Welding

Laser Welding is a challenging process and Genesis has successfully engineered, programmed and installed multiple laser projects.

An automated solution provides flexibility to move the robot around highly contoured parts with highly repeatable accuracy. Laser beam travel speed can significantly reduce your cycle times. Precise parameter control of the laser beam provides superior quality welds and cut lines, drastically reducing post finishing processes.

The VersaLASER is a pre-engineered, fully integrated turntable robotic Nd;YAG laser welding and cutting workcell. The workcell is designed to handle high volume small to medium-sized parts. The light tight enclosure design isolates the robot and laser from the operator for a safe work environment.

The VersaLASER can be configured to fit your application from a wide array of options. This innovative laser system meets the demands of today’s flexible manufacturing environments. Genesis has experience laser welding many parts; industrial oven doors, drive train gears, stainless steel appliances, exhaust heat shields…to name a few.