Cutting // Genesis Icesa


Competition has never been tougher. Producing your parts faster and more accurately than ever before is possible. Genesis’ automated cutting solutions can trim large contoured parts with your choice of plasma, laser, or thermal cutting solutions. Smaller 3D composite or steel parts can be cut with flexible waterjet technology.

Thermal Cutting

Our automated thermal cutting robots can trim large contoured parts with your choice of plasma or oxy fuel cutting. No part is too unique to program one of our systems to cut—tank heads, excavator counter weight housings, hydraulic cylinders, gear teeth doors and seat decks. We’ve helped our clients do them all.

Consolidate Manufacturing Processes
Is your company struggling to keep up with daily production because thermal cutting equipment can’t keep up? It may be possible for Genesis Systems to streamline your thermal cutting process so it eliminates other processes at the same time. See how innovating applications at one company replaced several processes and increased processing time 40 – 50% faster than before.

Waterjet Cutting

Trim Composites Better…
A revolutionary combination of innovative technologies, the RazorJet is the ideal tool for accurately trimming small, 3D composite parts with unmatched flexibility. A highly accurate KUKA robot put in motion with Genesis’ automation expertise provides remarkable path accuracy, while the waterjet seamlessly cuts your composite material without heat, fiber pull-out or delamination. Experience more efficient cutting and overall time and cost savings with the RazorJet Robotic Waterjet Cutting Cell.

When cutting 3D parts, creating new fixtures and testing different cutting paths can be highly time consuming and expensive. The RazorJet reduces the amount of fixturing needed for your project by simplifying the work holding process.

Time requirements and complications of robot part programming are simplified. With the RazorJet CAD to part is now a reality. The days of cut, measure, and adjust the cutting path are over.